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i will sale more things >:3 GIVE ME POINTS X3
I will do more things for Points

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:iconwillworkplz::iconforpointsplz: so i need some points then i will do more

special Wallpapers are - :icongiftsfriendsonly:

Even i do Stamps here is the list

-Pokemon stamp 25 points

-special stamp cost 30 points

-Player Stamp cost 20 points

-OCs Stamp Cost 15 points

-A Minecraft Mobs Stamp 10 Stamp

-Animal Stamp 5 Points

Ask me what stamp i will do

then Pay the number of Points

and i will do your Stamp

Help me to get more points from your EnderFriend
:iconyateseygirl: /Enderscout

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Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I love Minecraft Arceus by CreepyJellyfish

Favourite style of art: Any Art Giratina by CreepyJellyfish

Games: minecraft shiny dialga icon by FlowerKirby

Evil forms: Enderscout Dialga by CreepyJellyfish

The most likes: shiny palkia icon by FlowerKirby

I like digestion in my vore~ by Artemis-Platinum -only a little

Stamp- Vore Lovers by Fyuvix - love Roleplaying about vore so much

Endermen Are Adorable Stamp by RainfallClan - are sometimes :3

Minecraft Stamp by zealferal - i do when i am bored

Minecraft Stamp by zealferal - i do all the time >:3

Anti-Skyarmy stamp by Torri11 - I don't like Sky or AntVenom But i am to Gamechap and Bertie

Shiny Ghost Arceus by Marlenesstamps - Love Arceus shiny and the Ghost Type :3

Arceus by SLRthechosen - Arceus will all ways be my best

Shiny Pokemon Stamp by Yenshin - on my pokemon black 2 i got Shinys Everywhere :3 shiny giratina origin icon by FlowerKirby

Legend of Spyro: DOTD Stamp by BloodMoonWerewolf - Dawn of the dragon is A very good game

Dark Side Stamp by lovelyfantasy- i got lots of Darksides

Anti-fangirl Stamp by illuminara - Some are VERY annoying even if they are something to do with Poor Herobrine

Rabbit Stamp by vdaymassacre - I just LOVE bunnies :3

Herobrine Stamp by Sushirolled - i am not a fan..Just Herobrine is my Favorite creepypasta

My stamps

VentScout15 Stamp by yateseygirl - This is my in Minecraft :3

VentBrine Stamp by yateseygirl - one of my Dark side VentBrine

iNSaNiTYsCoUT fan Stamp by yateseygirl - my 2nd Dark Side iNSaiNEsCoUT

Other Things i like :

Shiny Arceus Fan Button by RequestButtons

Minecraft Fan Button by RequestButtons

Nyan Cat Fan Button by RequestButtons

Super Smash Bros Fan Button by RequestButtons
  • Mood: Relief

Well sorry for the wait here is Part 4

Injoy it :3

So After 3 days after on Minecraft.. i can't stop thinking of my poor player that she is struck..i am not there to now i

am going to play all day to make this stop..

In the Game

"Grr let me Go Ruby" as my player keeps on Struggle to get free Then Ruby chuckles and Smiles as he says "i always love

Struggleing Helpless Pray..It just makes me happy" Then he gets so close to vent's face and stare "The Hell you Looking at"
Then Ruby Puts a Rope on Vent's Mouth to shut her up.."Now i can do this.." Then Ruby opens his Mouth again but this time

Its more wet then before and Begins to swallow Vent's legs as his Arms keep her Pinned down "Ah Darn...No"  as my player

said in her mind .then Ruby got to her Lower Body and hip as for her Legs was slideing down a small wet slide that is was

Ruby's Dark purple Throat..As i was Struggleing to try and get my player Away from was too late..Then Ruby gets to

Vent's he keeps on swallowing.. i can hear him purring "No NO STOP!!!" Vent said it again in her head as Her

feet and Legs Enter His Stomach then Ruby Holds on to Vent's head and takes off the rope as he said "You ready to be

Jailed" Then Vent Growled "Your Dead the Next time i see you" Then Ruby Chuckles and Close his mouth as Vent slowly

Side down his Throat "Ack"..And then Ruby Purrs as he Giggles as he Teleports in Vent's old hut and Sleeps on her bed..Then

he said one thing before he Sleeps "Now i can Being to Digest My Stuggleing Pray Tehehehe" Then He Falls asleep as Vent

was In side of his Dark Purple Stomuch as some of the Acid begins to rise half way to her Body.."Well i can't do anything"
Then the walls was moveing around her as The acid was slowly Heating up " he is asleep all ready"...Then my Hearts

went from 12 to 5 as vent's vision was slowly going down "..heh..Looks like its the end for me..For now..but wait i will Kill

you one day Ruby" as a tear gose down vent's eyes but when the tears hit the acid the Heat gose crazy makeing vent blackout

and never wake up

In the morning

Runy wakes up and Yawns as he chuckles "Well that was tasty" as his Stomuch turns back to normal size and as soon i was

going to exit the game a text box came up saying *Ventscout15 was Digested By Ruby* (respawn or Exit)

I then clicked exit because i needed a Break from the horror From this..Thing..

I am now Hunted By ruby..I must know one thing...whats shell i do Remove him or Kill him or...Give up

*in the story is*

Me :iconyateseygirl:

Ventscout15 is My player self

Ruby the Evil Enderman

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yateseygirl 13 hours ago   Digital Artist
i can see that X3
blackieDAbest 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
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yateseygirl 3 days ago   Digital Artist
X3 lol wat
blackieDAbest 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Ya have been hugged! *hugs*
yateseygirl 3 days ago   Digital Artist
X3 aw :3 *gives hugs*
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cakemanisreal 4 days ago  Student Artist
And also: There is randomness for diamond. 'Nuff said.
yateseygirl 4 days ago   Digital Artist
i see
cakemanisreal 4 days ago  Student Artist
Do you play on cracked servers in Minecraft?

Just asking.
yateseygirl 4 days ago   Digital Artist
nope sorry
(1 Reply)
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